Somatic Experiencing

Healing & Releasing Unresolved Anxiety, Stress, Trauma and PTSD

Do you find yourself frozen/stuck or in repetitive unproductive patterns? Be a creative partner in your life versus living as a reactive participant.


  • Depression - Tension - Panic - Grief - Anxiety - Insomnia - Muscle Fatigue
  • Abandonment & Betrayal - Childhood Trauma - ADD - OCD - PTSD
  • IBS - And/or many other reoccurring chronic health symptoms.

When we experience high anxiety or overwhelming stress the autonomic nervous system enters into a fight, flight or freeze response.

As an experiential body we experience both "little trauma's" and "Big Trauma's" in our life. Our brain may not differentiate between these two and we become stuck. If the nervous system becomes stuck on high (over coupled), we remain highly activated. The nervous system will seek out ways to re-create highly activated energy or drama. The individual may not feel safe if not in physical motion or the mind unable to stay highly activated. We can develop false "beliefs systems" about ourselves and others around the need for this high activation. If we are stuck on low with no energy (under coupled), any type of activation can feel overwhelming. Again our "beliefs systems" are formed from this lack of energy. Our mind has an "unhealthy desire of needing" to make sense out of our experience, even if it stays trapped in vortex of pain and suffering. Then we have the issue of being stuck on both...High energies wearing us down with the body becoming overdosed on cortisol. Then we shut down, there is no energy left. A yo-yo effect on our nervous system.

Somatic Experiencing gives you the tools that allow your body to slowly and safely discharge uncompleted survival energies.

  • If a human cannot fight or flee...we can go into a freeze response.
  • If a wild animal goes into a freeze response and survives an attack...afterwards it will begin shaking.

For an animal living in nature on survival instinct of fight and flight, this shaking out after a survival event is normal and what's needed.

This shaking out of a traumatic event or experience is what many humans shutdown.


How does SE/Somatic Experiencing® differ from other therapeutic modalities?

  • SE employs awareness of body sensation to help people "renegotiate" and heal rather than re-live or re-enact trauma.
  • SE's guidance of the bodily "felt sense," allows the highly aroused survival energies to be safely experienced and gradually discharged.
  • SE "titrates" experience, rather than evoking catharsis - which can overwhelm the regulatory mechanisms of the organism.
  • SE helps eliminate pitfalls of re-traumatization and the spurious generation of "false memories".

The word trauma itself can feel overwhelming to even admit. And/or we may not equate or deny various experiences we've had in our life as traumatic due to always comparing ourself to others or "how we should be", not accepting what is actually being felt within the sense body. Often many clients have lived in such dissociation from the their body there is an inability or denial to sense the subtleties of anger, fear, loss, sadness and more.

What if we exchanged the trauma with "anxiousness or constantly stressed or high levels of anxiety." Suppose then we are able to begin acknowledging long held behavior patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us.

Three Things To Remember:

  1. Trauma is healed through the process of discharging the survival energy that was trapped.
  2. This trapped energy may come from either a physical event or a psychological wounding/thought and/or belief.
  3. When we uncouple this trapped energy from our thoughts/beliefs and the musculature of the body...a physiological healing and shaking out response may begin...resulting in deep sense of integration and harmony within the body and mind.
    • Many times this shaking out is seen as something that needs to be stopped or stabilized.
    • If we are unable to move trauma out...our cognitive brain will create a story in-order to make sense of the incident.
    • We are not taught or told how to shake out anxious moments of either emotional or physiological traumatic incidents...these experiences then become trapped within the nervous system and muscle.