What We Do

Somatic Experiencing
Vipassana Meditation: Brain-Body Integrative Wholeness
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The Mindfulness Care Center programs, classes and workshops are based on brain/body integrative models. We saw the need for healing unresolved wounding and grief that is based on models of awareness that offer neurological release and discharge of long held highly activated energies and regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Combined with mindful-insight that integrates the thinking mind with the physiological felt sense body, we can begin observing and learning that we have choices and options around our perceptions of the world and ourselves. We do not need to be stuck in repetitive obsolete actions of uncomfortable and suffering behavior patterns.

Our approach is a modern and ageless approach that goes back over 2500 years to the inception of mindful-insight meditation techniques. Adding in present day mind/body classes, reflective workshops and educational components of science; we are learning that neuroscientists are now observing changing patterns of the brain and its plasticity through the use of MRI brain scans.

We have and continue to develop mindfulness stress reduction programs, offering weekly meditation classes, individual Somatic Experiencing ® therapeutic counseling sessions, along with spiritual & grief workshops.

We see this work as a deeper integration towards health and healing of the whole person; versus the trying to fix emotional/psychological sufferings through analytical repetitive talking and numbing. We believe that undue emotionally embodied anxieties can be changed utilizing a brain/body interactive approach that allows the mind and body continuum to become whole, not separate entities of the self.

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