Whether you run a small non-profit or a larger corporation, our corporate programming is designed to help you elevate the wellbeing and mindfulness of your team. How the individuals of a team manage their stress, communicate, and navigate challenges directly affects productivity, engagement, and creativity. Our offerings are based on mindfulness practices and are tailored to recalibrate emotional wellbeing, bring anxieties down, and facilitate resilience and focus.

Below is a sample of programs that we offer. Programs and workshops can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and team.

The 3 C's for the C-Suite

As the key leaders and change agents, it can be overwhelming to continuously make thoughtful decisions that generate creative solutions and ideas and meet the needs of employees. When we build skills to calm the mind, we gain the capacity to see situations/interactions with more clarity. With more clarity, we have the ability to build connection and have more awareness around our attitudes, behavior patterns, and communication. Cultivating calm, clarity, and connection through mindful awareness and meditation can help you foster a greater sense of team engagement, collaboration, and cohesion. In this workshop, we will use mindful awareness practices to build the 3 C's:

  • Calm: Integrate skills to bring greater peace in the mind
    • Reduces anxiety & promotes productivity
  • Clarity: Gain capacity to see patterns more clearly
    • Renews sense of purpose & direction
  • Connection: Create deeper and meaningful connection with colleagues
    • Fosters skillful collaboration & communication

Reducing Stress the Mindful Way: Building mindfulness techniques and meditation practices reduces stress in our daily life.

We recognize that the stress you experience doesn't just affect your work: it affects your personal relationships, your health, and your ability to enjoy your life outside of work. Over time, the negative effects of stress take a toll on the body's nervous system and can lead to dysregulation of the system. Learn how to utilize the tools of mindful awareness to:

  • Better manage personal and professional challenges
  • Lead and manage teams more effectively
  • Foster focus, resilience and creativity

Mindful Communication: Gain new skills and tools to interact more effectively and compassionately with others

How do you respond to a conflict at work, a disagreement with a team member, or juggling multiple viewpoints? Relationships and communication are key to successfully generating creative solutions. We are wired for connection and relationships, yet ineffective communication can breed resentment, anger, and hostility. Through this workshop, we will learn and integrate mindfulness tools that build resiliency and cultivate skillful communication.

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