Forgiveness Series: This class is offered at various times throughout the year.

Forgiveness is not about forgetting it’s about letting go of our own sorrow which holds us back from living a joyful and connected life to ourselves and the world around us.

Please check the calendar of your next upcoming class or email us.

This Program looks at the various aspects associated with forgiveness.

"Forgiveness is not a moral issue. It is an energy dynamic...Forgiveness means that you do

not carry the baggage of an experience. When you choose not to forgive, the experience

that you do not forgive sticks with you." - Gary Zukov, The Seat Of The Soul

When you choose not to forgive, it is like agreeing to wear dark, gruesome sunglasses that distort everything, and it is you who are forced every day to look at life through those contaminated lenses because you have chosen to keep them. "

Scholarship Availability

A variety of our drop-in meditation classes are offered on a donation/dana basis. Our Mindfulness Programs offer partial and/or full scholarships for those with financial difficulty. Contact our office or the course teacher for further details on our scholarship offerings.

Additionally, we offer Somatic Experiencing ® therapeutic counseling sessions on a limited basis.

For further information please contact us at or call 415-786-5456.

Please keep perfumes, oils and scents to a minimum. We have people who are sensitive to chemicals and odors attending our classes. We appreciate your cooperation.

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