The Mindfulness Care Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to offering a unique approach in personal empowerment for individuals to begin feeling whole and safe through healing stressful anxieties that arise daily or from past and/or present day traumatic events. We are developing a community outreach care center that teaches the skills of brain/body reflective awareness in-order to regulate impulsive negative thoughts and discharge neuromuscular energies of fight, flight and freeze syndromes. Our approach is based on combining a variety of accepted modes and new models of healing stress, anxiety and PTSD within the medical, therapeutic and spiritual community.


To establish and continually develop ongoing workshops, programs and counseling that reweave the mind/body connection towards health and emotional stability. This will be accomplished by way of reflective teachings, various types of mindfulness stress reduction workshops, weekly meditation classes, individual Somatic Experiencing ® therapeutic counseling sessions, spiritual direction and grief workshops along with charitable outreach and scholarship opportunities. Our Advisory Committee will look to support and help serve the expansion of our community service programs.

The inner spirit is calling and asking us to return home and look inward not from fear...though with the fortitude of compassionate awareness, wisdom, kindness and forgiveness.


"I will never forget the first day I came to a Tuesday evening meditation class. I recall listening to Rik give his dharma talk while tears literally poured down my face. I cried throughout the entire talk. I recollect how Rik was struck by my tears and stopped in the middle of his talk to ask if I was o.k. or if I needed anything. I can't recall what the teaching was about that evening but instead I vividly remember the compassion that I received from Rik and the Mindfulness Care Center community. No one in that room knew first hand what I was experiencing but they knew that I was suffering. I suppose you could say that my suffering is what has bonded me to the Mindfulness Care Center and I know today that I am not the only one. I have watched people from so many walks of life come to the Center with similar stories, feeling lost and alone in their suffering. I have also seen and experienced first hand the gentleness in which people are received. I know that the person I thought to be me completely fell apart and that had it not been for Rik's compassion and the Center's open doors that I might still be feeling hopeless and distraught. I am eternally grateful to Rik and to the Mindfulness Care Center community for holding me during my most difficult moments and for gently guiding me towards the light of liberation." –A.C. San Francisco, CA

"The MCC is just the right place at just the right time in my life: meditation instruction, an open door for spiritual exploration and development, and the persistent "showing up" of Rik and the rest of the community who supports me in my practice, my understanding of the teachings, and on my journey inward. Big thanks and appreciation!" –MS

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