Aug 26, 2017 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Spiritual Wholeness And The Somatic Body: Daylong with Rik Center

When: Saturday, August 26th  10:00am - 5:00pm.

In this daylong, you will begin to understand the importance of integrating mindfulness with the somatic body so that we may inhabit the wholeness of our spiritual-self and life.

This unique daylong will combine mindfulness practices, reflective teachings and understanding the emotional & somatic body. Demo's will include how to work with and move through unresolved anxieties that often keep us feeling distant and disconnected from our bodies.

Together we'll take a look at how we can bring our intellectual, physical, emotionally and spiritual self into alignment. These practices help connect us to our innate wholeness and ability to contain both comfort and discomfort within the neurophysiology of the body.

"It has been through my meditation & embodied practices that united the somatic and emotional elements of my physiology that have brought a spiritual wholeness into my life that I had felt was possible early on in my childhood." ~Rik Center

The MCC is supported by the practice of shared generosity and the daylong is offered on a dana/donation basis. No one turned away due to lack of funds. Our programs here are for everyone to gain new insights into life, themselves and inner healing.

"What have you got to lose other than yourself? What have you got to gain other than yourself?"

"Connecting to our bodies allows us to come into our spiritual wholeness. It's not about going away and ignoring the body it's about bringing our whole-selves into the present "here and now." We do have the ability to accept everything as it is without feeling crushed and overwhelmed." ~Rik Center

Rik began his spiritual journey early in life attending a private orthodox school and temple. From a young age through his teens, he met illness and death and turned to looking at life from an atheistic viewpoint. Through needing to meet his own pained body after a traumatic hang-gliding accident in his 20's, Rik's healing journey brought him back home to his embodied-self, learning a deeper sense of spirituality was found by being with what is happening "here and now" with versus looking somewhere other than the life we are living. Rik will share his path of learning in how to meet the body of spiritual wholeness which offers us a mind of calmness, compassion and kindness.

Rik Center is Co-Founder of the MCC/Mindfulness Care Center. He's a trained and certified SE/Somatic Experiencing Stress and Trauma Counselor/Practitioner and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher utilizing embodied practices in the healing process. He began a Buddhist mindful meditation practice in the late 80’s and leads the ongoing MCC Tuesday Evening Mediation Group. He’s assisted SE/Somatic Experiencing trainings and traveled to New Orleans and Baton Rouge after Hurricane Katrina in support with others around SE in supporting trainings and to offer sessions to those still affected by the aftermath of the hurricanes. Rik served as a Buddhist/Interfaith Chaplain at San Francisco General Hospital and he presently sits on the Professional Advisory Group for Spiritual Care at the CPMC/Sutter Health Hospitals in San Francisco. He works one-on-one with clients in his private practice which focuses on healing high levels of stress, unresolved traumatic anxiety and PTSD along with offering grief and spiritual counseling. Rik is a member of the USABP/United States Association Of Body Psychotherapy.




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Mon, 18/02/19 7:00pm - 9:00pm
"Mindfulness Grief & Loss Group"

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